Pool House - 3m x 3m

$13,490 supplied and installed, inc GST

Fully installed within 3 days, our pool houses come with a range of features at an affordable price.


Daintree - 4m x 3m

$11,999 supplied and installed, inc GST

Our daintree cabins feature a 1.5m treated pine deck and are treated with Termie Guard.


Diamantina - 5m x 4m

$17,999 supplied and installed, inc GST

With an insulated ceiling and double french doors, our Diamantina cabins make an excellent ‘outdoor living room’.

Welcome to Cabins 4 QLD

Cabins4QLD specialise in transforming your outdoor living space to take advantage of South East Queensland’s unique environment. Enjoy the great outdoors all year round with one of our stunning, easy-to-install cabins.

Our dedicated and friendly team have accumulated years of experience in the field, and will be there to assist you at every stage of the process. With a variety of sizing options, our cabins are perfect for any location and add value to your property.

As we are staffed by a fully qualified team of builders and carpenters, you can be assured that whatever design you choose will be delivered with the utmost quality.

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